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Group Therapy

Pandemic Renewal:    What was lost, What's still here

In-person group therapy

Join others in a restorative journey in conversation around  pandemic loss, hope, and healing. 

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Why Group Therapy? 


A Caring Group Makes for  Powerful Healing

The potential of group therapy rests in connecting meaningfully in a shared space. Members of the group can validate and support one another; often, one may find the words to express what others have been feeling. 


Healing Isolation in Community 

Many of the challenges faced in the pandemic grew out of prolonged isolation. We can emerge out of these difficult experiences in the company of a supportive community. 


Sharing the work, sharing the cost. 

In a group setting, members take turns "sharing the spotlight", so no one person has to shoulder the process on their own. On top of being more affordable than in-person therapy, it may be more accessible. 

Starting Date

The next ​set of group sessions begins in the week of January 23rd, with the last session taking place during the week of March 27th

Sessions are held weekly over the course of 10 weeks


Group sessions are located at Evolve Psychotherapy, 190 O'Conner St, #204.

The Suite is wheelchair accessible, with ground-level main floor access, elevators, and door openers. 


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Join the Wait List

We will reach out via email when a group matching your preferred time window becomes available

Preferred Evening Window(s)
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Reduced rate spots are reserved on a first-come first-served basis.  

We do our best to ensure all who sign up get the window of their choice. Groups depend on a minimum enrolment of 8 participants each: any group beneath this threshold will not be formed. 

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